Registration to the 2017 King of Kona will include 24/7 Access to the park starting Thursday, Jan. 26th until Monday the 30th. Registration will also include camping on site for the full length of the event, entry into all 4 main events, an event shirt (while supplies last), ton's of sponsor give aways, podium cash prizes and a shot at being crowned The King of Kona.

Kona Skatepark is located at 8739 Kona Ave in Jacksonville, Florida.

Their regular hours of operation are Mon-Thu. 1pm-9m, Fri. 1pm-10pm, Sat. 10am - 10pm & Sun. 12pm - 8pm. 

Please contact them with any questions regarding the park or regular sessions at 1 904-725-8770. Please email the event coordinator for any questions or comments regarding the King of Kona. You can contact us via the "Contact" page



Cost, as well as all other information regarding registration can be found on the registration page.

Camping Info:

Camping will be provided from 1/26/2017 starting at 10am until 1/30/2017. The designated camp area will be clearly marked prior to arrival and will be accessible to all registered skaters and campers. Cars will not be permitted onto the camp grounds to ensure enough room for campers as well as not destroy the grounds. Restrooms are located in the Pro shop during regular business hours and port-a-potties will be available during after hours. The grounds also feature 2 solar showers, while most times they're cold, they do allow skaters to clean off after a day of skating. A full size fire ring is available each night to keep everyone nice and warm while exchanging stories from the day. While we encourage everyone to come and have a fun time, the Kona Skatepark staff does have a few rules we must stick to. Following these rules ensure the event happens each year and we expect our skaters and campers to respect the requests of the staff.

*For definition "Skatepark" is defined as any area of the park with concrete* 

  • No Glass in the skatepark
  • No smoking or drinking of alcohol in the skatepark (All booze and smoking must be contained inside the camping area)
  • Helmets are required while skating
  • No fireworks. Kona Skatepark is located in a residential area and locals have complained about years past. Out of respect to our neighbors we ask you keep anything that goes BOOM at home. The waste left behind also causes safety issues in the park and can cause peoples wheels to get caught and possibly cause injury.
  • Campers must be registered with the King of Kona staff. The park will close each night to the public after 10pm. Only those registered and wearing wristbands are permitted on the property after hours.
  • All cars must be parked outside the campgrounds in the parking lot.

Are RV's Welcome?

Yes! If you have an RV or motorhome coming please contact us ahead of time. We will have a designated area for you to park for the weekend. We will have a place for you to hook up to electricity for the weekend ($30). We unfortunately do not have a water hook-up so suggest filling your tanks prior to arrival.

Did someone say BBQ?!

Yes we did! Each year the Kona staff cook up a good ol' fashion Southern BBQ for our skaters and campers. 2016 will be no different  and we're looking forward to see what they're cooking up for us this year. All registered guests will be welcome to eat from 2-8pm on Saturday with their meal tickets. The BBQ will also be open to the public for a charge.