Event Info



Event Info


Snake Run Race

Riders race down the snake run and must go through established “gates” on the four mainturns of the snake run.  Gates are approximately 5’ wide and centrally located in each turn.

Qualifying: (Top Eight Fastest Racers)

- Racers are given two attempts to establish their fastest time

Finals: Single elimination Head to Head brackets

- Riders get one attempt to establish their fastest time

- Only one rider on race course at a time

- One rider is eliminated at each heat race

- The winner will have won three consecutive races

Park Race "BoarderCross"

Riders negotiate an established course that travels throughout the Snake Run, Kona Bowl and Freestyle areas.


Qualifying: (Top Eight Fastest Racers)

Racers are given two attempts to establish their fastest time

Finals: Single elimination Head to Head brackets

- Two racers face off in side by side racing through the course

- One racer is eliminated at each heat race

- The winner will have won three consecutive races

Bracket Racing Structure:

Qualifying times are used to seed the racers in their brackets:


Heat Race #5 - Winner of Heat 1 vs Winner of Heat 2

Heat Race #6 - Winner of Heat 3 vs Winner of Heat 4


Heat Race #7 - Finals!


Heat Race #1 - Number 4 qualifier races Number 5 qualifier

Heat Race #2 - Number 2 qualifier races Number 7 qualifier

Heat Race #3 - Number 3 qualifier races Number 6 qualifier

Heat Race #4 - Number 1 qualifier races Number 8 qualifier

Bowl & Mini-Ramp Jam


Qualifying: (Top Eight Skaters)

Skaters compete simultaneously during an established time period.  Points are awarded based on the overall performance of a skater compared to the others that are also in the jam.


Competitors are evaluated and awarded points based on a series of timed runs. The higher the score the better the run

Judging Criteria:

Judges assess the performance of each skater based on certain criteria.  Each judge uses the same point of reference (the criteria) so that competitors know how to maximize their score.  Each of the criteria is worth 20% of their score.

 1. Difficulty and Number of Maneuvers: This refers to the amount, variety, and technical ability needed to perform the maneuvers.

 2. Use of Area: Using the entire area during competition will yield a higher score.  Hitting all critical points (hips, extensions, etc.) and skating throughout the entire course is what the judges are looking for.

 3. Amplitude and Speed: Going big always helps your score.  The higher the air and longer the grind, the better your run will be.  You have to go fast to go big, so keep your momentum as you flow from one maneuver to the next.

 4. Style and Creativity: Your style and creativity determines how you look while skating.  It shows your overall level of control and how comfortable you are while flowing from maneuver to maneuver.  It displays your ability to approach the area in a unique manor.

5. Consistency: It’s better to stay on your board than take tons of falls just to make one trick.  This also means completing your entire run (using all your time in a timed run and taking complete runs during a jam). 

*The King of Kona is a RAIN or SHINE event. No refunds will be given.


Event Schedule


Event Schedule


Event Schedule


-Riders are welcome to arrive at 10am to sign-in. 

  • Park is open for skating and practice
  • Campsite will be prepared and open for the week.


  • 11am - Registration and Sign-in
  • 3pm - Head-2-Head Park Race
  • 6pm - Skate Hockey
  • 7:30pm - Riders meeting
  • 8pm - Welcome party & cookout

- Live music from 8pm - 11pm


  • 10am - Snake race qualifying and King of the Hill
  • 3pm - Head-2-Head snake race finals
  • 5pm - Pool Jam Qualifying
  • 6pm - Pool Jam including biggest, longest and best comps
  • 7pm - Pool Jam finals
  • 8pm - Skaters Party

- Live music from 6pm - Midnight


  • 11am - Mini-Ramp Qualifiers
  • 1pm - Mini-Ramp Finals
  • 2pm - King Crowning & Group photo
  • 6pm - Skate Hockey

*Riders welcome to stay Sunday night and leave in the morning.*No events planned for this day but feel free to skate...if you can!


  • Clean up, Pack up and head home

*Please note that schedule is subject to change due to weather or other circumstances*

The Overall "King of Kona" will be decided on your best 3 of 4 results from the 4 main events. 

Challenge cards will also be handed out for a shot at the "Weekend Warrior". This will also include a unique and one of a kind prize.

The King of Kona is a joining of all aspects of skateboarding and will put riders of all skill levels to the test. Over the course of 3 days skaters will compete in 4 main events for their chance at being crowned the King of Kona. Each event will have it's own format and judging style. After the final event on Sunday the skater who has the highest combined score, based on their 3 best results, takes the crown.